Barbora Buncakova (SVK) for Playboy International

Barbora Buncakova In Playboy Slovakia

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Slovakian International model Barbora Buncakova is so glamorous in this set from photographer Tatiana Heckova. Black-haired, blue-eyed and all natural, Barbara is a trainer and fitness model in her hometown of Bratislava, Slovakia. I consider myself playful, she says. With the right people, I can have fun doing anything – even playing a game of bingo. Unlike some games of chance, Barbora’s pictorial is a sure bet, and you know she’s playing to win. My ideal romantic evening would involve good wine, some Thai massage and my Mr. Right, she says. My favorite things are things I can do with a partner. Two’s company with this Slovakian beauty.

Barbora Buncakova In Playboy

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